The Russians rated their happiness at 160 thousand rubles a month

Muscovites will be happy, receiving more than 210,000 rubles. per month. The job search service Superjob found out from the Russians how much will make them happy. Sociological surveys were attended by representatives of the economically active population from all districts of the country.

The average Russian needs 161,000 rubles. per month to be happy. For happiness, men need almost a third more money than women: 181,000 and 138,000 rubles. respectively. Relatively modest happiness among young people: 118,000 rubles are enough for respondents under 24 years old. per month to feel happy. Demands grow with an increase in actual income: Russians with a salary of up to 30,000 rubles. for happiness you need 117,000 rubles. per month, citizens with a salary of more than 80,000 rubles. You need an average of 238,000 rubles to feel happy.

According to Superjob, among residents of the country’s largest cities, Muscovites have the highest cost of happiness — 212,000 rubles. per month. In second place is Vladivostok (205,000 rubles), in third — Rostov-on-Don (200,000 rubles). St. Petersburg is in tenth place with 165,000 rubles. Residents of Kirov (120,000 rubles) and Orenburg (115,000 rubles) need the least money for happiness

Early studies show that the Russians needed the most money for happiness in 2017 — 184,000 rubles. Last year, 159,000 rubles were enough, today a little more (161,000 rubles).

Among residents of megacities, the appetite for the year increased most of all in Izhevsk (+10000 rubles), Naberezhnye Chelny (+9000 rubles), in Moscow (+5000 rubles) and St. Petersburg (also +5000 rubles). The residents of Tolyatti (-7000 rubles) and Barnaul (also -7000 rubles) became more modest in their dreams of happiness compared to 2018.

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