How to raise money

We offer you to become a member of the program ” register a friend in the application-get $ 1 on the account.” You can earn $ 1000 a week from the comfort of home, and only thanks to the application UAround.

How it works:

  • You ask your friend to download the UAround app.
  • Find him in UA and send him invitations to join the promotion program.
  • If your friend or friend accepts a gift, it becomes part of your team.
  • For each user invited by you or a member of your team, you get $ 1 in your account.
  • To participate in the program, you must invite at least 5 users to your team.

Your team continues to invite new users, and you get money.

The paid model to attract users is the know-how for social networks. The user must buy 2500 coins for gifts and special invitations sent to the chat by means of the messenger, to invite new members to their group of advertising agents. The sender of the invitation (curator), each invited and accepted his invitation automatically from his account gives 500 coins ($ 10), and for each user involved in this way, the UAround system credits 50 coins ($ 1) to the account of the curator. It is not possible to invite a user without debiting coins from your account. Invite to your group a user who is already an advertising agent is not possible. Each level in 5 people has a curator and he always receives $ 1 per invited member, no matter at what level he was invited below. The task of each user is to become a curator for as many of their members as possible and earn an income of $ 1 for any new member of the group on behalf of your team. Coins from your UA account can be converted to USD and withdrawn to your bank account.

Implemented Internet network marketing scheme with full support for input and output of funds from the application with the participation of the bank. Under this functionality is written its own payment system and intelligent UAround Bot, which informs users about transactions.

Table of attraction and income – expenses in USD.

Provided that each attracted user will attract another 5 new users in 1 day.

Number of days 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Number of program participants 0 5 30 155 780 3905 19530
Profit curator – 50 5 30 155 780 3905 19530
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