This document, in accordance with Article 435 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is an offer of the Limited Liability Company Imperia (hereinafter referred to as UAround) for the conclusion of a framework agreement for the provision of UAround advertising services from the side of the network user. The service can be provided through the site and in UAround mobile applications. The advertiser must be registered in the UAround network in the established order by an effective natural person, legal entity and / or individual entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as the "Users"). In the event of the acceptance of the offer by the User, it is deemed to have concluded a service agreement with the UAround (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract") on the terms and conditions provided for in this document.


Terms and Definitions

Terms and definitions not specified in this Agreement for the provision of paid advertising services shall have the meaning established by the User Agreement placed at (the "User Agreement").

Personal account of coins is an analytical account of the UAround accounting system, which is used to record the receipts and expenditure of funds contributed by the User to the Service payment account or transferred to him for the performance of his advertising obligations, or received by transfer from another user.

Replenishment of the Account - making an advance payment for the payment of UAround Services, transfer from the user, replenishment from the UAround system. Information on the amount is taken into account and displayed in the Personal profile of the user UAround in the "Coins" section.

The offer is an offer to the User to conclude a framework agreement on the terms and conditions established in this document.

The contract is a framework contract concluded between the User and UAround on the provision of advertising services, which determines the general obligations of the parties and the conditions for receiving commissions from UAround.

The site is a website located at, and UAround mobile applications, the services on which are provided by UAround.

Advertising agent (salesman) - the user who confirmed his participation in the advertising company UAround.

The user of the network is any UAround user who has not joined the advertising company UAround network.

Coins - the internal currency of the site and mobile application UAround. The purchase or writing off of coins is a multiple of 50. The cost of 50 coins is set at 60 rubles, or the equivalent of another currency at the exchange rate of the partner's bank on the day of transfer.


1. General Provisions

1.1. UAround provides users with the opportunity to become an advertising agent (salesman) of our network, to provide UAround network advertising services, to receive services from UAround (hereinafter referred to as the "Services"). Order for services is made out on-line.

1.2. Services in accordance with this Agreement are granted only to Users who are capable individuals, as well as legal entities or individual entrepreneurs registered in the established procedure. UAround has the right to verify the User as a party to the Agreement, including by reconciling the data specified by the User in the Personal Profile and details with the details of the payer or the beneficiary under the Agreement.

1.3. This offer is considered to be accepted by the User, and the Agreement between UAround and the traveling salesman concluded, from the moment of installation of the confirming tick in the registration screen in the system or from the payment of the Services in the order provided by this Agreement.

2. Obligations of the Parties

2.1. UAround duties:

2.1.1. Provide the Service to the User or pay a commission fee for the service received from the user, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, if there is a technical capability of providing the Services or making payments. UAround's obligation to provide the Services and the remuneration is counterclaimed to the obligations of the User specified in clauses 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 of the Contract, in connection with which, if they are violated by the User or the traveling salesman, UAround has the right to suspend the provision of Services or payments. In case of impossibility of further performance on the terms of the Contract, terminate participation of the user in the program as a traveling salesman.

2.2. Obligations of the User:

2.2.1. Advertise the UAround network in all legitimate ways, invite on its own behalf to the network at least five people. To pay a gift in the amount of 500 coins from your account to each user invited by him, in case of the consent of the invited user. The cost of inviting the user and the amount of commission from UAround, is set out in this Agreement and on the Site.

2.2.2. Observe the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, and or other country of the user's location, the provisions of the Agreement, the User Agreement and all other documents regulating the operation of the Site, mobile applications and the provision of the Services when using the Service.

2.2.3. At the request of UAround, provide the latter with the information and documents necessary to identify the User as a party to the Agreement, including when sending User applications to UAround, notifications, etc.

3. Payment procedure

3.1. Traveling attracts a new user to the UAround ad network, by sending him a special invitation through the UAround network. If the recipient of such an invitation confirms his participation in the UAround advertising network, it automatically fits into the list of salespeople invited by the traveling salesman of the invitation. On the personal page of the salesman of the invitation sender, on the Site or in the mobile application, all invited participants are displayed. For each invited participant who accepted the invitation, the UAround network pays a commission.

3.2. The commission price is determined in the amount of 50 coins for each guest who has confirmed his participation in the advertising network of the user.

3.3. The User may transfer to the UAround account any sum of funds, the receipt of which is accounted on the User's personal account, or, if available, in the user interface of the Site, mobile applications. The money transferred to a personal account in any currency is converted into "coins" - the internal currency of the UAround system.

3.4. UAround provides the traveler with information about the cash flow recorded in the personal account in the coin section. When paying for the Service at the expense of money previously transferred to the settlement account of UAround, reflected on the personal account, a corresponding amount of coins is debited from the balance of coins. The service is provided to the User or the traveling salesman after writing off the corresponding amount of coins from the balance of the personal account in accordance with the parameters and tariffs of the ordered Service.

3.5. At any time during the term of the Agreement, the User or the salesman can replenish the balance of the personal account by making an arbitrary amount of money to the UAround settlement account in accordance with the instructions on the Site or in the mobile application and this Agreement. At the same time, Services are provided only if the amount of equal or greater total value of the Services ordered by the User is available on the balance of the User's personal account or traveling salesman.

3.6. A user who is a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur shall pay for the Services under this Agreement by cashless transfer of funds to the UAround settlement account on the basis of the displayed UAround through the interface of the Site or the mobile account application. For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs it is also possible to pay using a corporate bank card issued for the relevant legal entity or individual entrepreneur. A user who is an individual pays for Services under this Agreement by any means available using the interface of the Site or the mobile application.

The choice and use of the method of payment for the Services is made by the User at their own discretion and without any responsibility from UAround. Security, confidentiality, and other terms of use of the payment methods chosen by the User are beyond the scope of the Agreement and are governed by agreements between the User and the relevant organizations.

In case of blocking of the service to which the payment was applied before the Service is started, such Service is subject to cancellation, the cost of the Service paid by the User is credited back to the UAround internal account, regardless of how the Service was paid.

3.7. Payment for the Services is made by the User or by the Salesman with the indication of the Account number (id) specified in the system settings of the profile, name and TIN (for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) and / or other details identifying the payment. When paying by bank transfer on the basis of the invoice issued, the User is also obliged to indicate in the payment document the data included in the invoice issued to the User. In the absence and / or incorrect indication of data listed in this clause of the Agreement, UAround has the right to consider that the payment obligations have not been properly executed by the User, or independently to identify the payment according to the records of own account. UAround is not liable for losses that may occur to the User and / or third parties in case of improper indication of the purpose of payment.

3.8. The name, legal address, postal address, TIN, KPP, contact and other information (hereinafter referred to as "the User's details") in payment documents, Acts on services rendered and other documents generated by UAround in accordance with this Agreement are indicated by UAround in accordance with the User's requisites Specified in the User's Personal Profile. The user is solely responsible for the correctness of the personal details specified in the Personal Profile. In the event that the User's details are changed, the User is obliged to promptly make appropriate changes to the User's data in the Personal profile and, if it is impossible to change such data independently, notify UAround of such changes in the prescribed form with the application, upon request of UAround, confirming the changes in the documents. UAround has the right to verify the correctness of the User's personal data specified in the Personal profile by reconciling with the data contained in the unified state register of legal entities (individual entrepreneurs) and, in the presence of discrepancies, to correct the corresponding data using the TIN specified as the User's identifier.

3.9. For the purpose of performance p. 1.3. Of this Agreement and the identification of the party to the contract, the parties agreed to consider the acceptance of this Offer as the acceptance of the User's payment under the relevant order and / or the transfer of the advance payment for the replenishment of coins in the manner provided for in paragraph 3.3. actual agreement.

3.10. The User hereby confirms his agreement that the statistics of the UAround accounting system will be sufficient evidence of the fact of the Services rendered under the Agreement.

3.11. Within the framework of carrying out incentive events, the User may be given discounts for the payment of Services (bonuses), prizes, etc. The User does not receive any cash equivalent provided by UAround within the framework of incentive measures of discounts (bonuses). Carrying out such incentive events and conditions for giving discounts (bonuses) and / or prizes is regulated by special rules - all gifts and bonuses can be used only inside the UAround network.

3.12. In respect of the Services provided to Users who are legal entities or sole traders, UAround upon request sends to the e-mail address of the User copies of the invoice and the Act on Services rendered for the reporting month, and sends the originals of the specified documents by mail to the address specified in the Personal profile User. One copy of the Act must be signed by the User and returned to UAround in the original until the 15th (fifteenth) day of the month following the reporting month. In the event of disagreement with the Act, the User must, at the same time, provide UAround with a written reasoned refusal to sign the Act.

 Responsibility for obtaining any documents (including Acts, messages, notifications) by the above methods lies with the User. UAround, which has sent documents in the above ways, is not responsible for the delay or non-receipt by the User of the Acts (messages, notifications) if this resulted from a malfunctioning of communication systems, actions / inactivity of providers, telecom operators, loss of access to the Personal Profile or other circumstances outside the User Control zone UAround.

In the event that UAround does not receive the Act signed by the User or a reasoned refusal within the above-mentioned period (including, due to the refusal of the User's representative to receive the Act and / or other documents or the User's indication of an incorrect address for receiving documents), Services are deemed to be rendered by UAround properly and in full .

3.13. In accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 317.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Parties agreed that in respect of any monetary obligations of the Parties under the Agreement, the legal interest (interest on the amount of debt for the period of use of funds) is not accrued.

3.13 A user and / or a traveling salesman can withdraw the domestic currency "coin" by converting them into bank notes into his account. To withdraw funds, you need to fill out the form for withdrawal, on the site in your profile or in the mobile application. The transfer from UAround is carried out within three working days, subject to verification of the user, the correctness of the specified details, availability of technical capability, a minimum withdrawal amount of 5000 coins. Discounts for enrolling coins are deducted in case of withdrawal and conversion of coins to the user's account. A commission for converting and transferring funds from a partner bank UAround may be levied.

3.14. In case of a request from the User to withdraw funds to the USD, the user must provide the UAround with the original of the signed Offer Contract and an application for withdrawal of funds.

4. Procedure for the provision of Services. A responsibility

4.1. Prior to the commencement of the order and payment for the Services, the User must carefully read the User Agreement, the requirements for the services provided and all other documents regulating the operation of the UAround network.

4.2. The following paid services from UAround can be provided to the user:

  •  raise your profile in search
  •  advertise your profile in the dating center
  •  making a call on the UAround network
  •  setting of chat encryption
  •  buying and sending a gift to the user
  •  pick up your own theme group
  •  transfer of funds from user to user
  •  setting the password for the application


As well as other services that can be added to UAround in the specified list.

Such services may be provided to the User either individually or as part of the Service package offered by UAround on the Site and in the application.

Period and conditions of the service The service is installed UAround on the Site and the application. At the end of the period of the Service (including when removing (deleting) the User's profile from the Site, blocking the user and / or the User's account for violating the provisions of the Site's regulatory documents, deactivating the account by the User), Services are deemed to be rendered UAround in full and properly .

4.3. UAround undertakes to make all reasonable efforts for the proper provision of the Services, but is not responsible for the impossibility of providing the Services in the event of:

 Technological malfunctions of public communication channels through which access to the Services is made, or loss of access to the Internet - until troubleshooting or restoration of access, respectively; Presence of signs of unauthorized access to the User's Personal Profile - for the duration of such circumstances; In cases falling under the definition of force majeure circumstances - for the duration of such circumstances. The service does not turn out, in case of indication of unreliable information in the user's profile or his payment - the payment requisites.

4.4. In the event of causing losses to the User through fault UAround responsibility is determined in accordance with the procedure provided for by the current legislation.

4.5. UAround is not liable to the User for any other damages and / or costs incurred not through fault of UAround, including lost profits and indirect losses, including those incurred by the User in connection with the violation of the User when placing the profile and using the services in the UAround network of the User Agreement, Requirements for services, terms of services and other documents governing the operation of the Site and the application.

4.6. UAround is not liable for losses incurred by the User using UAround services in connection with professional (business) activities, as a result of the inability to use the Services due to errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, defects, delays in work or data transfer and other reasons Technological nature, as well as inadequate quality of public communication channels, through which access to the Services is made.

4.7. The user is informed and agrees that part of the transactions, including (but not limited to) the operation of accepting payment, payment of remuneration for the services provided, is not monitored and monitored by UAround in person or through third parties, and UAround is not responsible for the transfer and / or Receipt of the User's funds in payment for the Services.

4.8. UAround has no obligation to notify any third parties of the loss of the User's access to the Personal Profile and for possible consequences resulting from the absence of such notice.

4.9. UAround responds to User messages sent only from the pre-installed "write us" function in the site or mobile application settings.

4.10. Actions performed with the use of the User's login and password are recognized by the Parties as committed by the User and having the force of a simple electronic signature. The user is responsible for any actions performed using the User's login / password on the Site or mobile application, e-mail addresses, phone numbers (including actions of employees and third parties), as well as the safety of their login / password and for losses that Can arise due to unauthorized use of the User's Personal Profile and a simple electronic signature. In case of theft / loss of login or password, the User takes necessary steps independently to change the password for access to the Personal Cabinet and / or Services. UAround is not liable for the actions of third parties, which resulted in theft / loss of the User's login or password, as well as any costs, damages and / or lost profits caused by the User in connection with unauthorized third party access to the User's Personal Profile.

4.11. The user confirms his agreement that the fact of executing the command on the Site or mobile application, including using professional technical tools UAround, autoloading, clicking, pressing a key, etc. Means the will of the User with respect to the order and / or activation of the Services in accordance with the price and other parameters of the Services identified on the Site.

4.12. Registration of each order of Services by the User is carried out in accordance with the current edition of the Offer placed on the Site at the time of ordering the relevant Services.

4.13. UAround has the right to send to the User, on the contact details available in the Personal profile, notifications related to the execution of this Agreement, including notifications of the remaining service life, ways of renewal and other information messages under the Contract, via SMS or by e-mail. UAround, at its discretion, determines the scope and content of such notifications and the timing of their sending.


5. Consideration of claims

5.1. All disputes that have arisen within the framework of this Agreement shall be referred to the Moscow Arbitration Court or, if the dispute is not subordinate to the arbitral tribunal, to other courts in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.2. Before applying to a court A user registered in the UAround network as a legal entity or sole proprietor must comply with the extrajudicial dispute resolution procedure by sending a written claim to UAround, accompanied by documents confirming the circumstances and requirements referred to by the User. The time limit for considering such claims is no more than 30 (thirty) days from the receipt of the UAround claim. In the event that the User does not receive a UAround response to the claim within the specified period or in the event of UAround's refusal to satisfy the reasonable claims of the User, the User has the right to apply to the court.

6. Validity of the Contract

6.1. The contract comes into force from the moment of acceptance of the offer in accordance with clause 1.3. actual agreement.

6.2. UAround has the right to terminate the Agreement in the manner provided by the current legislation, with notification of the User through the interface of the Site or mobile application, to the e-mail address or otherwise.

6.3. The contract may be terminated early on the User's initiative. Upon termination of the Agreement, the User has the right to apply to UAround for the return of the unused balance in the amount of the balance of coins minus all discounts (bonuses) granted to the User. The unused balance of funds is returned on the basis of a written application of the User in the UAround format set up by means of a payment method (payment system) through which payment was made for the Services, and in the event that this method of payment (payment system) can not be used for a refund Defined in a UAround way. When applying for the return of unused balance on the Wallet balance, the User, at the request of UAround, is obliged to identify himself as a party to the Agreement by executing the actions specified in the instructions of the Support Service of UAround (send an application from the email address of the User indicated in the Personal Account, ), As well as to provide the necessary documents and information (including documents required for the identification of the User, documents confirming the fact of the User making payments, etc.).

6.4. The agreement represents all the conditions agreed between the Parties with respect to its subject matter and replaces all previous agreements, assurances and any kind of agreements between the Parties with respect to its subject matter, unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Parties.

7. Address and bank details UAround

Limited Liability Company "Imperia"

Legal address: 105066, Moscow, Dobroslobodskaya 15/17, 10P

Mailing address: 105066, Moscow, Dobroslobodskaya 15/17, 10P

OGRN 1157746044158

INN 7701074476 KPP 770101001

Р / сч 40702810300760000341


To / from 30101810100000000787

BIC 044525787

User and / or salesman










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